March 20, 2015
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Stand Together and Stand Up for Transportation

Imagine the impact of no federal funds for your public transportation agency.

What projects would stop or never begin? How many jobs would be lost and businesses would suffer? What would happen to your community and its residents and visitors?

Stand up for funding on Stand Up for Transportation Day on April 9, APTA's national day of advocacy, and schedule an event that shines a light on the value of public transportation and the importance of a multi-year transportation reauthorization bill.

"On this day, we need to conduct media and press events in as many American cities, suburbs and rural communities as possible," said APTA Chair Phillip Washington, general manager and chief executive officer, Denver Regional Transportation District. "The nation simply can't continue to bear the horrendous cost of failing infrastructure. Every day without a bill puts us farther in the hole."

More than 200 APTA members and local, state and national organizations are participating in SU4T. Some agencies and organizations in the same or adjacent locations are collaborating on regional or statewide events, including in the greater Los Angeles area, the San Francisco Bay Area and Pennsylvania.

Here's a summary of some events already scheduled as of March 18. Organize your event today; send details to Washington or Rose Sheridan.

Foothill Transit, West Covina, CA
Conducting an event that builds on its ties to local colleges by partnering with the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Cal Poly Pomona, on a student summit on the future of public transportation. Rep. Grace Napolitano (D-CA), a member of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, will attend. Caltrans, the state agency responsible for highway, bridge, and rail transportation planning, will participate.

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), Philadelphia
Partnering with a coalition of businesses, labor unions, consultants and stakeholders to hold a rally to highlight the economic impact of the multimodal transportation network and urge investment. The rally will be held outside Philadelphia's historic City Hall at Dilworth Park and will feature keynote speaker former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, co-chair of Building America's Future.

Valley Metro, Phoenix
Planning a parade of 15-plus vehicles (buses, vans, construction equipment and maintenance vehicles) leading to a media event featuring federal and local elected officials. The event is supported by multiple transportation agencies, including Arizona and Maricopa County DOTs, Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority, Yuma County Area Transit, Arizona Transit Association and advocacy groups.

Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA), Lansing, MI
Planning a tour of the Capital Area Multimodal Gateway, operated by the agency and currently under construction, for congressional leaders, local media, business leaders, public transit leaders and government officials. The tour will feature the unveiling of a real-time video simulation of the region's proposed BRT route.

Greensboro Transit Authority, NC
Created an ad hoc partnership in North Carolina's Piedmont Triad to conduct individual events, such as bus tours, on-site booths, petition signings, advertising and a collective press conference. The partnership also created a Facebook page and a website that provides information, lists SU4T events and features links to petitions and members of Congress.

Missouri Public Transit Association (MPTA), Jefferson City
Planning an outreach event to highlight the need for infrastructure investment and to celebrate the success of the HealthTran Rural Transit Pilot Program, which connects public transit resources to healthcare. Many area healthcare agencies and facilities will partner on this event.

Conducting an event with local, state and federal elected officials and private sector representatives to review the agency's plans for a $2.3 million investment in reactivating three miles of the Akron Secondary rail line. Agency officials will conduct a follow-up event on April 13 with officials from Ohio DOT, Portage Area RTA and Stark Area RTA.

Citilink, Fort Wayne, IN
Conducting a media event with the city council, chamber of commerce and local advocates featuring a bus ride and supported by social media. It will also submit an op-ed column to local media.

Long Beach Transit, CA
Hosting a press conference at the Queen Mary Events Lot and a community rally in downtown. Speakers include agency leaders, Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-CA), Rep. Janice Hahn (D-CA), state and city elected leaders, Orange County Transportation Authority officials, advocacy groups and the city police department.

LTK Engineering Services
Partnering with public transportation agencies in 12 cities where the firm maintains offices.

Santa Clara VTA, CA
Organizing a rally at San Jose State University featuring an articulated bus wrapped with the SU4T logo. Participants will sign the bus and then attend a press conference in San Francisco with several other Bay Area public transit agencies.

AC Transit, Oakland, CA
As part of the larger Bay Area effort, producing a video outlining each agency's need for federal funding and holding a press conference with the GMs of each agency explaining the impact of funding disruptions on creating reliable transit.

RTC of Washoe County, NV
Organizing two press events with statewide MPOs and Nevada DOT to highlight SU4T, creating a video montage of community advocates and issuing a board resolution.

Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group, PA
Participating in a press conference with local advocates and elected officials and conducting a social media/e-blast to encourage stakeholders to write to their members of Congress.

Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Houston
Organizing a press rally and event with business leaders, community officials and advocacy groups.

Champaign-Urbana MTD, IL
Organizing a group press event at the Illinois Terminal multimodal center featuring information about local public transit projects and the impact of federal funding on their success. Partners include Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) or his staff, area city and town leaders, Illinois DOT and the University of Illinois.

For resources, click here. To sign a petition, conduct other direct advocacy efforts and encourage your stakeholders to get involved, click here.


SU4T is already underway at Denver's Regional Transportation District, including a bus signing and street events with branded buses and information sharing. 


Bay Area Rapid Transit's BARTmobile (its parade vehicle) displayed a SU4T logo at recent San Francisco events, including the Chinese New Year and St. Patrick's Day parades. Several Bay Area agencies are collaborating on SU4T events. 

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