January 8, 2016
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Public Transit Can Help Riders Keep New Year's Resolutions

Many people start a new year with hopes of making positive changes in their lives—and public transportation can help, according to CityBus in Lafayette, IN.

CityBus noted that, according to Nielsen.com, five of the top 10 resolutions for 2015 (in no particular order) were to get fit, enjoy life to the fullest, spend less, learn something new and read more, and listed ways that taking public transit can help with all of these.

Agency officials can modify these strategies for their 2017 New Year messages:

Get Fit: Public transit commuters get significantly more exercise than those who drive themselves to their destinations, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service study of 12,000 people published in July 2015. The study found “a robust association between active commuting and lower body mass index …”

Enjoy Life to the Fullest: Enjoying life fully includes stressing less. Public transit riders don’t have to worry about traffic, difficult drivers and parking. They can spend their travel time listening to music, reading, answering emails or simply relaxing.

Spend Less: Making the shift in commuting from driving to public transportation can save the passenger an average of more than $771 per month or $9,247 a year, according to APTA’s December 2015 Transit Savings Report.

Learn Something New: People who are new to public transit can prepare for the experience by checking out their local agencies online. Study the maps and schedules at an agency’s website, use an interactive trip planner and check out information about travel training.

Read More: If you haven’t had time to read a book, taking public transportation is a way to find the time without worrying about how you’re going to reach your destination.

“When you’re writing your list of New Year’s resolutions, be sure to include ‘ride CityBus’ at the top,” said Tonya Agnew, CityBus manager of development. “Whether your family is able to live with one less car or if you resolve to use CityBus for a trip or two a week, you’ll reap the benefits. Travel to work and school. Run your errands. Get to your appointments. And keep your New Year’s resolutions while you do it all.”
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